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lost texangeleno

22 September
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3 way kissing, 50 nifty united states, absolution, anthropology, apologies, arnold mindell, ashtanga yoga, bad art, basquiat, beaches at midnight, beauty, bisexuality, blinding you with science, boardwalks, bondage fairies, bravado, cacti, castaneda, circuits, circuses, classics, clothespins, compassion, concinnuity, cosplay, cowboy junkies, datura, david mack, dead civilizations, desert ballet, disinformation, dragonball z, driving the coast, drums, eastern philosophy, elecampane, endgames, enki, entheogens, ethnobotany, facial scars, faraway family, feminism, ferris wheels, fighting crime, forests, francesca lia block, fresh-cut grass, fruit, functional mris, getting off your duff, getting over it, ghost towns, glow-in-the-dark, grant morrison, graveyards, greece, greek but never latin, guitar, harmonica, harp, hentai, hiking, homemade costumes, homemade superheroes, honky tonkin', humility, ibogaine, imaginary words, impromptu art, inanna, islands, istdp, joseph beuys, kali, last chances, last dances, last minute adventures, laughing just cause, laurie anderson, letting go, lex luthor, linguistics, logic arcs, lucid dreaming, making out in bathrooms, mandolin, mangos, meditation, memories, mirrors, mistakes, monasteries, money, murakami, music, mythology, nabokov, nawa shibari, neil stephenson, neurolinguistic programming, old love letters, opening, palm trees, patterns, people who push themselves, performance art, peyote, photography, photojournalism, physics, piano, piers, pirates, postcards, printmaking, quest dreams, reasonable doubt, redemption, research, revolution, riding the wave, road trips, sage, scarification, secrets, sedentary night games, self-navigation, sensitive boys, shamanism, sleep-smell, spherocity, stained glass, sweet william, taking chances, tasting salt on skin, technology, the dirty south, the family, traveling alone, trees, tribe, twisted hair singing lodges, video games, visiting the confessional, voluntary biking, west, yage